Shawn Mendes release’s two brand new singles, his bestie Camila Cabello was the first person to listen to it!

Fan’s are going crazy over Shawn Mendes new singles from his upcoming album In My Blood and Lost in Japan and his bestie Camila Cabello is the first person to listen to it!

shawm Mendes

Shawn Mendes recently released two new songs which are already topping the charts. The Audio tracks In my blood & Lost in Japan have 12 and 9 million Views respectively.

In a recent interview with 103.5 KU Shawn revealed that his friend Camila was the first person to listen to all the singles in his upcoming album He said that “She was the first to hear all my singles.., I treasure her opinion.”

Shawn mendes & Camila cabello

When asked whether his family heard his songs before the release he said “They didn’t hear it until a couple of weeks ago.I kind of held out them and they were not happy with me” He said with further adding I always want to make sure things are at best possible place they can be before they hear,
even though I’m sure they would like it either way”.

shawn mendes

Before Camila’s debut album, she revealed that Shawn Mendes list to the whole album before it’s release. She said ” I actually sent him my album before it came out, like two weeks before. He told me his favorite song is ‘Inside Out.’ She said, ” I thought he would choose ‘All these Years’ or some of the
more singer-songwriter stuff.”

shawn mendes, camilla cabello

It’s great to see Shawn & Camila have each other’s back when they need and treat each other’s Opinions valuable for all these years. when Camila left Fifth Harmony then Shawn tweeted that

Shawn mendes, camila cabello

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