Taylor Swift release’s a brand new 2nd video for delicate and Swifties already loving it!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Everyone’s aware of the fact that Taylor Swift knows how to surprise her fans in unique ways, the pop sensation teased that she is going to release the 2nd video for delicate in Spotify. It seems that there is no bad blood between music streaming site and former country Singer as CEO of Spotify Daniel EK have retweeted her with three Flame emojis.

taylor swift delicate
Many have waited so eagerly to watch the exclusive Video since the first video of delicate directed by Joseph Khan have been accused of ripping off Kenzo’s 2016 fragrance ad. second delicate video is shot by Taylor itself on her phone in one take and swifties are already in love with it but some fans were anxious as the video dropped one hour late in Spotify due to some technical issues.

taylor swift delicate video

After video got dropped, it was trending on twitter, and we can see Taylor wearing necklace named ‘Letter “J” disc’ designed by Tiffany & Co worth of 75$ giving indirectly shout out to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

The couple was dating more than a year, and Taylor has dedicated most of the album to her beau, and for the first time, she is maintaining low key about her relationship.

taylor swift,joe alwyn

Taylor is rarely seen in public for more than a year even though she released her reputation album in November. She hasn’t promoted it in front of media or any event. She just posted it on her social media account which is enough to create the buzz since she has many million followers that show’s she doesn’t need to come out and promote it.

 taylor swift
One little post is enough to do wonders!